provides a supercharged Elasticsearch experience for creating the most demanding app search experiences with a no-code search relevance control plane, UI builder, out-of-the-box search analytics and low-code UI components.


With ReactiveSearch, you can: Architecture Image: ReactiveSearch overview diagram

Out of the Box Features

ReactiveSearch offers the following advantages over running your own Elasticsearch cluster.

Image: ReactiveSearch feature stack overview

  1. Analytics - Get rich insights and analytics for your search app.
  2. Security - Read/write access credentials, IP sources and HTTP Referers based restriction, Role based access control.
  3. Zero Ops - Automated provisioning, scaling, logging and daily backups so you can enjoy a peace of mind.
  4. An Active Ecosystem - From UI toolkits to build search interfaces and map UIs, to the leading Elasticsearch data browser to a GUI for writing queries to backend data connectors to import data from SQL, MongoDB, JSON, CSV sources into Elasticsearch, we are actively working on open-standards to improve accessibility of building apps with ReactiveSearch.
  5. No Vendor Lock-in - Hosted APIs often come with a huge lock-in cost. is offered as a hosted API as well as a cloud native software, offering a consistent experience without becoming a walled garden.

Choose your hosting



Clusters Free 14-day trial. Flexibility of deploying in 16 regions across North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia
Bring Your Own Cluster Already have an Elasticsearch cluster with AWS or Elastic Cloud or hosting it yourself? You can provision the ReactiveSearch docker container or image as a hosted service from the dashboard or deploy it yourself.