This guide provides an overview of using Searchbox and ReactiveSearch UI libraries with Atlas Search.

ReactiveSearch Realm Project

The ReactiveSearch Realm project deploys the ReactiveSearch API as a transpiled JS code into a Realm function. The goal of this project is to enable Atlas Search users to be able to build search UIs using Searchbox and ReactiveSearch UI libraries.

Note on current project status: This project is being actively developed and currently in a MVP stage where Atlas Search users can deploy the Realm function and run it with the React Searchbox library. Follow the below guides to get started and test this.

Getting Started

Start with deploying this project as a Realm function in your MongoDB environment.

Test with Search UIs

Test the deployed Realm function with a React UI over here or with Vue UI over here.

UI Customization Guide

Looking to customize styles, rendering of a UI component or bring your own design system? See the ReactiveSearch UI customization guide.

Search Use Cases with REST API examples

Run different search use-cases with the deployed Realm function's REST API directly over here.