You can use to supercharge your Elasticsearch cluster that is deployed on Elastic Cloud. This is a step-by-step guide on how to:

  1. Create a user for connecting with on your Elastic Cloud deployment,
  2. Use the username:password with the endpoint to connect to Elastic Cloud cluster from dashboard, and
  3. Create your cluster in BYE mode


1. Navigate to

2. Click here.

3. Click "Hello"

4. Click "Kibana"

5. Click "Open"

6. Click "Explore on my own"

7. Click the "Search Elastic" field.

8. Type "users"

9. Click "Users"

10. Click here.

11. Click this icon.

12. Click the "Username" field.

13. Type "appbase-connect"

Or choose your own username.

14. Click the "Password" field.

15. Click this button.

16. Click here.

17. Click "superuser"

18. Click "Create user"

19. Switch to tab "Dashboard |"

Go to URL.

20. Copy your username, password and endpoint URL

Now, construct the URL field as https://${username}:${password}@${elasticsearch_endpoint}.

21. Click "Verify Connection"

In case you've pasted a credential with access that's not equivalent to superuser, may show a verification error.

Why is a superuser role needed? creates and manages system indices within your Elastic Cloud cluster for recording analytics, storing query rules, search relevance preferences, logs and more. Other roles don't allow access to these indices. connects to your Elastic Cloud cluster from a private environment and these credentials aren't exposed anywhere.

22. Click "Add payment info and create cluster"