Curated Insights

Curated Insights is a biweekly or monthly report created by's team of search experts. It provides insights that are hard to glean just from the analytics data itself.

A curated insights report provides insights into the following areas:

Search Ranking Strategy

Ranking (aka scoring of search results) is one of the most complex functions to understand. Yet, it is the core of search relevance.

While analytics can only answer whether your ranking strategy needs a relook, with curated insights, we present a report on ranking strategies that can yield results.

Query Strategy

There's a lot that goes into querying. And using the right query for the right occasion has the highest impact on search relevance, engagement and conversions.

With the query strategy report, we focus on two things:

  1. Query correctness - We use the analytics data as well as the use-case to gauge whether query can be better represented (all the way from analyzers, mappings, to using the right query DSL)
  2. Query performance - Here, we look at whether the right data structures / storage options are set, data model being used, and share any optimizations.

Facets Analysis

Here, we create a report on what facets are most used, least used, whether the facets can be represented better UI/Ux wise, and share insights into what values can be boosted / buried.

Search User Experience

The search user experience plays a big role in engagement and conversion metrics. Here, we present a report on:

  1. How fast does your search perform,
  2. How your search works across different browsers and platforms,
  3. How your search works across different device types,
  4. Present usability issues and potential solutions with your search.

Search user experience recommendations are use-case specific. Some examples include analyzing issues with theming/styles, accessibility, analyzing your site load time and recommending optimizations for bundle size reductions, converting your site to a PWA experience for a better mobile experience.

SEO / Server Side Rendering

Here, we present a report on how ready is your search site for SEO as well as share optimization tips related to time to first paint, e.g. utilizing Server Side Rendering techniques.