Now that you have implemented analytics for tracking all the metrics that matter to you, is ready to provide analytics insights into your data. analytics appear on the dashboard instantly.

Query via Dashboard

You can access all the analytics data from the Analytics section of the Dashboard. Analytics GUI allows you to view and download all the metrics in a JSON or CSV format. Furthermore, if you have recorded custom event data, then you can filter by those as well.

Query via APIs

While analytics data is readily accessible from the dashboard, it's also possible to use our REST APIs to embed analytics into your own apps.

You can see the API reference over here.


Querying via APIs is available for users that have at least Production-I plan or an Arc Enterprise.

An Example Query Endpoint

The below endpoint returns a list of popular searches.

curl --location --request GET 'http://{{USERNAME}}:{{PASSWORD}}@{{CLUSTER_URL}}/_analytics/popular-searches'

An Example Query With Filtering Applied

You can use the custom events as a query param to filter out the analytics APIs.
Let's check the below example to get the popular searches filtered by a custom event named platform having value as android.

curl --location --request GET "http://{{USERNAME}}:{{PASSWORD}}@{{CLUSTER_URL}}/_analytics/popular-searches?platform=android"

It's simple as this to make the most of analytics.