Writing and updating data is a common operation that is triggered from app UIs.

ReactiveSearch offers components for creating read based search UIs.

In this post, we will talk about a few ways to perform Create, Update and Delete operations on the data.


appbase-js is the javascript library from appbase.io that runs on Node.JS, UMD, React and React Native environments.

We recommend using appbase-js in a Node.JS middleware to perform the write operations.


It is important to perform write operations from a secure environment, as you don't want to expose the write credentials publicly.


If your middleware is written in a different language, you can easily use the REST API endpoints to write data into appbase.io or Elasticsearch. An example PUT endpoint for indexing a new (or overwriting an existing) document would look like:

curl -XPUT $host/$app/$type/$doc_id -d '{
   "msg": "Hello from ReactiveSearch",
   "from": "A middleware server"

Full REST API is available at rest.appbase.io.