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Grouping records usually refers to the process of combining multiple records into a single result, or consolidating many similar records into two or three results. This kind of de-duplication or aggregation of results has three primary use cases:

  • Item Variations: where any item with variations is displayed only once. A t-shirt that comes in five colors should only appear once in the results, with all five color options displayed somewhere in the description.
  • Large Records: where you first break up large record into smaller sub-records, and then during the search, if several of these sub-records match, you display the most relevant one.
  • Grouping by attribute: where you group records depending on the value of one of their attributes.


Let's take example of carstore-dataset. We have different brands of cars, but we only want to show distinct brands. This can be achieved by defining aggregationField prop in ReactiveList as brand.keyword.

###Without aggregationField

###With aggregationField